ScopicLine – the smartest gynecology instruments!

ScopicLine™ is a series of patented designed forceps with various head shapes. The ScopicLine is intended for use mainly in gynecology, but can also be used for abdominal surgery, general procedures, emergency rooms, doctor’s office and clinics.

The ScopicLine ™ is designed in a one dimensional line which allows an open and clear view to see the procedures. The unique design allows fitting several instruments into the speculum. The ScopicLine ™ gives a stronger grip than conventional clamps, and easier management in narrow spaces.

The ScopicLine’s greatest benefit is providing a more pleasant experience for the patient. The ScopicLine replaces the reusable instruments, giving the patient a less intimidating experience. Many females fear the gynecologists, and for good reason. The inspection and procedures are uncomfortable for most, and the instruments are old-fashioned. The ScopicLine provides a whole new experience – for the doctor and for the patient.

The ScopicLine has 4 different models, each fitted with a head for specific uses:

Scopicline 1




The ScopicLine™ heads fit your customer needs. The heads are same as the well-known instruments used in gynecology. ScopicLine™ can be sterilized by any type of sterilization: gas (ETO), autoclaving or gamma radiation.

ScopicLine ™ is an excellent addition for single use instrument distributors in the healthcare & medical industry.

The ScopicLine is a single use instrument, a feature which reduces costs and helps fight cross-infection in healthcare venues. The ScopicLine is also available as part of gynecology kits, in a sterile ready for use procedural kit.

Overall length: 300 mm (12’’)

Arm length: 210 mm (8”).

MOQ: 1,000 units

Weight: 2.7 Kg. per 100 units.


What is IUD ?

IUDs (sometimes called coils) are small plastic devices of varying shapes and sizes, which are placed in the uterine cervix entrance (womb) to prevent pregnancy.

In order to insert or remove IUDs the doctor needs for this process instruments such as: Palmer clasping forceps, scissors, anatomic Kelly forceps and measuring gauge. The procedure of inserting or removing an IUD is simple, yet sometimes uncomfortable for the patient.

Scopicline 6


  • Female friendly
  • Large grip loops for easy work
  • No metal parts
  • Latex free
  • Clear view through speculum
  • Disposable - for single use
  • Cost effective
  • Available sterile, and can be sterilized by ETO, gamma, and autoclave
  • Made of medical approved materials