Flow Stop - Kocher Clamp

The flowstop is designed to block silicone tubes, rubber and plastic tubes

Flowstop is a hemostat clamp used for blocking the flow of fluids in dialysis, IV's, infusions and any tube needed to be clamped. The flowstop is made from unique materials, making it stronger and more durable than most Kocher clamps in the market.

Flow Stop - Kocher Clamp

Flowstop Plastic Kocher Clamp

The flow stop is excellent for dialysis, blood units, I.V. sets, feeding tubes and removal of catheters without damaging the catheter.

The flow stop is the best product of its kind as it is made of unique high quality plastic with a smooth finish for effective blockage of tubing. The smooth jaws completely block the tube without cutting or damaging the tube. The lock has several precision ratchets to accurately provide pressure as needed.

Benefits of the flow stop:

  • Clamps and blocks all types of tubes.
  • Does not cut or damage the tube
  • High quality plastic reinforced for maximum durability.
  • Withstands sterilization

The flow stop is designed for best functionality and durability, and replaces the use of a Kocher clamp.

Length: 115mm (4.5”)

CAT. No. 5010 flowstop.

200 units per case.

MOQ: 400 units (2 cases).

Weight: 2.2 kg per case.

CAT. No. 5010 S - sterile flowstop individually packed.
100 units per case.

MOQ: 1000 units (10 cases)

Weight: 1.3 kg per case.

The Flow Stop is the Best Kocher Clamp!

Kencap Ltd. is an experienced manufacturer and designer of single use medical instruments. Kencap Ltd. aspires for innovation and improvement, and examines every instrument to see where we can make it better. The flow stop single use Kocher clamp is a well known instrument, with a lot of manufacturers producing it at different prices and very different qualities.

While everyone can make the single use Kocher clamp, not everyone can make it better. We do not copy, we do not make it similar. Our flow stop single use Kocher clamp for blocking tubes is a unique design, far better than any stock Kocher clamp. With emphasis on the right angles, ease of use and functionality - our flow stop single use Kocher clamp is the best of its kind.

High quality innovative plastic compounds, combined with a customized injection process and precision mold make our flow stop the best in the industry.

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