Single Use College Forceps

High quality college type forceps for the dental industry. The college forceps are used mainly for cotton swabs and dressing.

Single use disposable forceps made with high precision and dental oriented materials. A durable metal body fitted with curved jagged jaws for the best grip. The plastic inserts make the forceps flexible, and provide the patient a comfortable and relaxed feeling. 

Since the forceps have a plastic jaw, they do not scratch dental implants. In addition, the plastic is always at room temperature so the patient does not feel the cold metal on the sensitive gum & inside of cheeks. Even with gloves, the forceps have a firm grip thanks to a ridged plastic handle. The handle provides a firm grip with gloves and fluids. The plastic is rough, to avoid a slippery surface and feeling. 

The benefits of the disposable college forceps:

  • College type forceps / tweezers.

  • Plastic inserts fitted on stainless steel base.

  • Special patented design for grip and alignment.

  • Can be sterilized in any type of sterilization.

  • Rigid plastic that will not scratch, score or damage other materials.

  • Does not scratch dental implants.

  • No cool down or condensation.

  • Perfect alignment of jaws with stabilizing pins.

  • Plastic head cannot cause irritation or discomfort to the patient.

  • Disposable single use instrument with a great price!  


CAT. No. 3020
Length: 150mm (6”) long

MOQ: 500 units (1 box of 500 units)

Weight: 4.8 per 500 units.

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