Single Use Dental Instruments

A wide variety of dental instruments for everyday use is offered by Kencap Medical Solutions. The single use dental instruments are designed to replace the reusable instruments, saving time and money on sterilization.

The single use dental instruments offer a unique combination of metal and plastic. The combination makes the instruments strong and durable yet low cost. The benefits of using disposable instruments are great and various: lower costs, time saving, easily used, no maintenance costs and high quality.

The dental instruments are made with top grade materials to provide the dentist with an excellent solution to treat the patient without waiting for sterilization. The instruments can be sterilized by ETO, gamma and ultrasonic sterilization. Disposable dental instruments with autoclave durability are available as well.

Disposable Dental Examination KitDisposable Dental Examination Kit

All a dentist needs for a routine dental examination of patients. Disposable cost-value efficient kits that contain two or three instruments: mirror, explorer and forceps.  Packed in a durable, transparent plastic tray, to provide easy identification of contents.

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Disposable Dental Mirrors

Single Use Dental MirrorHigh quality, light weight, front surface mirror. One piece handle and mirror. The mirror is covered by poly film protector with a pull-off tab. Available also with a double sided mirror.  

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Disposable Dental Explorer (Probe)

Single Use Dental Explorer ProbesThis dental explorer offers a new standard of explorer. The single use dental probe has excellent performance and high quality stainless steel edge that is sharper compared to reusable and can be sterilized. Rigid plastic handle provides firm grip even with gloves.

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Single Use Instruments for Dentistry

Most dentist visits are short in duration – 5-15 minutes per patient. The majority of visits to the dentist will be for a general examination of the teeth or for a follow up on a procedure done formerly. For each patient, the dentist needs to use sterile instruments. When each patient needs to be inspected by the doctor, using a “ready to use” disposable dental kit is time effective.

Instead of sterilizing the instruments over and over again, a single use dental kit makes more sense. The clinic must have several reusable instruments kits ready for patients, which cost a lot of money. The sterilization must be done by qualified personnel to assure sterility. Each sterilization process takes time, money and brings fear of cross contamination. With sterile single use instruments, all the disadvantages above are overcome.

Moreover, every patient feels he is getting a personal kit and thus personal attention. The single use kit is great since the patient sees the dentist open the kit, and feels assured he is getting the best treatment and the best instruments for his dental examination.